Happy National S’mores Day!

Today is National S’mores Day! And you know what that means? Sit in front of a campfire and make some delicious hot Schmoes!


But why stop there? Why not make delicious hot schmoes in front of a movie that you’ll enjoy watching? Here are some movies that you can start watching by a campfire with a portable projector(if you have one), or in the comfort of your own home and use the stove or oven(if you have one)!

For starter, let’s begin a movie that will give you all the basics on how to make a s’more, so that you have “some more”  when you had “nothing”.

The Sandlot


Now when Gozer asks you to think of a monster that you would like to destroy the city, you better be thinking of Stay Puft Marshmallow Man! Just think about it. A giant… Marshmallow! That is all!

Dennis the Menace

Dennis is a perfect example of what NOT to do when roasting a mallow… But we still love him… right?

Toy Story 2


Like I mentioned before, sitting in front of a campfire making delicious hot schmoes is always a good idea!


But if you enjoy roasting something more than just s’mores, then sit back and big out roast whatever you can find! Just remember… don’t put Twinkies on your pizza!


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