What Do The Pixar Movies and Stephen King Books Have in Common?

As I was watching Toy Story the other day I noticed a little Easter Egg that was baring homage to Stanley Kubrick’s Shining.


This then got me wondering. What if the storyline for both Pixar movies and Stephen King books have something in common?

Here are six  things that Pixar movies and Stephen King books have in common:

1- Parallel Universes

The big one is that they are both parallel universes of our own Earth. In the Stephen King books we can see this happening with Doppelgangers like Jake from The Dark Tower Series and Bobby Garfield in Hearts in Atlantis.


A small hint of this in the Pixar movies, is the gas company Dinoco from the Cars franchise. It’s basically the Pixar version of our Sinclair Gas Stations.


But why stop there?

Through these movies, we see a world full of “What-Ifs”.


In this case, not only if certain characters had feelings works with the story, but it’s more on what if dinosaurs didn’t die out from the comet? What if animals talked? What if toys and cars were alive? Speaking of that, this brings me to the next thing that they have in common…

2- Living Machines

In King’s books he’s got a lot of killer cars in his universe like Christine the Plymouth Fury, the Diesel Trucks in his short story called… wait for it… Trucks, which later became a movie called Maximum Overdrive. 


And let’s not forget the meanest of them all… Blaine the Monorail.


One of the Pixar creators was asked “Where the heck do the cars from Cars come from?”

They later explained that the cars took on the personality of last person who drove them. He even said that what lead the cars to that point were the cars wondering to themselves, “Why do we even need humans?” I don’t know about you, but that’s pretty dark for a kids movie!


3- Magic Doors

In the Dark Towers Series Roland, as well as his Ka-tet, venture to different worlds through doors.


In Monsters Inc., the monster use the doors in order to scare or entertain kids from around the world. Speaking of “kids”, this brings me to another thing that they have in common…


4- Power Driven Monsters

In the book IT, Pennywise the Clown takes on a variety of forms to scare the children of Derry. It’s been a Werewolf, a Leper, a Horde of Zombies, and even the more popular Clown. IT does this because fear gives IT its power. If the children are not afraid, IT loses its power.


In Monsters Inc. the monsters scare the kids in order to provide energy aka power for their world. They later entertain the children like a clown, because laughter produces a stronger energy source than screams.


5- Animal Motives

In Cujo, the dog develops certain tendencies that result in killing humans. In Pet Sematary, after the cat was killed and brought back to life, it acted differently than it did when it was alive. We later find out that resurrecting a child in the pet cemetery is a bad idea, because they come back as something unnatural.


In The Pixar Theory, it explains that animals learn to talk through the wisp. The timeline goes that the mother in Brave transforms into a bear and is able to communicate for a little while. Over the years, the bad guy in Up learns that animals have the ability to talk and creates collars for his dogs so that they can communicate. Finally in Finding Nemo and Finding Dory, we see that the animals are beginning to be aware of their learning abilities, but Dory is a bit behind.

Let’s just hope nothing bad happens to any of these animals and they end up going to the Pet Semetary…  

nemo dead.jpg

6- Time Travel

In 11/22/63 it deals with time traveling back to stop JFK’s assassination, and it plays on the idea of what would happen if The President lived. The Dark Towers Series also deals with time travel throughout the books.


According to The Pixar Theory, the doors in Monster Inc. are used as a type of time travel device. It goes into detail that Boo from, said movie, is actually the witch from the movie Brave.


What do you think? Do these connections make sense? Let me know in the comments below!


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