What I Would’ve Done Differently for the Dumb and Dumber Sequel

Sequels can be fun to watch, if done right. It’s those unnecessary long awaited sequels you ought to watch out for. They can be disastrous. But what if the sequels were given a second chance? No pun intended. What would you have done different, if you were in the Director’s Chair? I’ll tell you what I would’ve done.

For starters I wouldn’t wait 20 years for a sequel. Knowing Lloyd and Harry and how dumb they are, they wouldn’t be alive 20 years later. They would be dead from either doing a Dumb Double Dare or getting killed by Nicholas Andre or Sea Bass later on.

I would make the movie in 1999 or 2004. No later than that, because like I said before, they would’ve already been dead by that time, had they gone with the timeline that the original sequel planned for.

I wouldn’t even try to make a prequel. The only good thing that came from that movie was the bathroom scene where young Harry thought that the melted dark chocolate from his back pocket was his own feces. Other than that, the movie was a disgrace!

Anyway, what I would do is have them walk home and manage to get there safely. But when they return to their lovely state Rhode Island, they are kicked out of their apartment for fooling a blind kid into buying a bird with it’s head cut off, and also because of their I’ve Got Worms infestation in the complex.

After being kicked out of their apartment, they get sent to jail for fooling the blind kid. While in their cell, they encounter a lot of strange men who make Lloyd and Harry feel very uncomfortable. They come to realize that they can get one phone call to get them out of this mess. Harry suggests that Lloyd calls Mary Swanson, but Lloyd accidentally left her number in the Samsonite briefcase along with the I.O.U.’s.


Lloyd later remembers that he knows the number for Fraida Felcher from Cranston, and decides to give her a call.

This creates tension between Lloyd and Harry as Harry begins to suspect that Lloyd is the guy that Fraida was seeing this whole time.

Once Fraida gets them out of jail, Harry tries to rekindle the relationship he thought he had with her. Fraida keeps rejecting him and says that she’s seeing another man, but she won’t tell who it is. As she describes her new boyfriend, it sounds like it could be Lloyd.

She says that he is a dark haired man who left west and has been gone for a very long time. Fraida even tells them that she’s expecting him to return on a certain day.

Both Lloyd and Harry will think that she is talking about Lloyd, but in reality, it is someone else entirely.

Lloyd thinks that Fraida is dropping hints to him of when and where he should meet her. Lloyd then prepares himself to meet with Fraida so that they can be alone, and have Harry out of the picture. But Harry won’t go down without a fight, so he sabotages Lloyds drink with laxatives. Revenge comes full circle with the Dumb and Dumber Duo!

Much like the Bathroom Scene was memorable for Harry, this scene with Lloyd will be very memorable as he tries to hold it in when he’s approaching Fraida’s house.


Lloyd knocks the door and rings the doorbell multiple times, but there is no answer. His stomach turns inside and he can’t seem to hold it in. Crossing his legs doesn’t help. It’s all too late. Small but loud explosions come from down under as he tries to keep his legs crossed, but with each clench comes a different pitch and squeak that makes one roll in laughter and tears. His new pants turn a darker shade and the color runs down to his ankles.

Embarrassed to be seen by Fraida, Lloyd jumps into the bushes. Seconds later Fraida shows up with her boyfriend, who happens to be… wait for it… Sea Bass!


Knowing what happened last time with Sea Bass, Lloyd tries to hide himself, but his stench is so strong that Sea Bass wants to investigate.

From a distance Harry walks toward Fraida’s house. He recognizes Sea Bass and notices that Lloyd is hiding from Sea Bass. Harry saves the day by knocking Sea Bass out, purposely this time.

After Harry sees Lloyd helpless in his own filth, he decides that true friendship is more important than past grudges fueled by toxic relationships.

Fraida is impressed with Harry taking Sea Bass out that she begins to think twice about Harry. She even puts herself out there and asks to be Harry’s girlfriend. Right when you think Harry is going to get the girl, he straight up says, “Nah.” Thus mirroring the same thing that happened when the duo pass on an opportunity to being on a bus full of models.


The movie will then end with pictures of Harry and Lloyd with subtexts telling us what happened to them afterword.

Lloyd’s will read, “Lloyd was able to pursue his lifelong dream in running his own company… He is now the founder of a worm farm called, ‘I Got Worms!’”


Harry’s will read, “Harry became interested in the fashion industry. He became well-known for his taste in the men’s tux colors with the light baby blue and bright orange. He was later approached by a famous fashion designer named Jacobim Mugatu. He’s been doing fashion ever since.”


What do you think? Would you watch this sequel instead of the long awaited one? Let me know in the comments below!


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