Two-in-One Movies Part 3


1- (300) Days of Summer


Dealing with a breakup from both Summer and Autumn, Tom is in for a cold winter! Filled with rage he decides to take out his frustration by joining an army of 300 to prepare for war. Tom later learns that this lifestyle isn’t love… this is Sparta!

2- Dumb & Dumbo

Dumb & Dumbo

After the death of their parakeet Petey, Lloyd and Harry decide to get a pet elephant. The new pet feels that it must be just like their last Petey, so the elephant tries to jump off tall buildings to see if it can fly.

3- Peter Pan’s Labyrinth

Peter Pan_s Labyrinth

Peter kidnaps orphaned boys and takes them to Neverland where they must find their way out through a huge labyrinth. They slowly became known as “The Lost Boys”!

4- The Phantom Menace of the Opera

The Phantom Menace of the Opera

For over a millennia the Sith have hidden their faces from the Jedi. It wasn’t until a rare beauty came into the light that made them want to sing Duel of the Fates. Will this song bring balance to the Force?

5- Evil Dead Poet Society

Evil Dead Poet Society

English teacher Ash Williams inspires his students to read the necronomicon as poetry. The students bit off more than they could chew, as an unknown evil begins to infest their campus.

Carpe Deadites!

6- Alice in Zombieland

Alice in Zombieland

In an imaginary world filled with the undead, Alice must find a way to survive. The tables have turned, She can’t find a bottle that is labeled “Drink me!” to get her out of this horrifying mess, instead she has a tag on her back that reads “Eat me!” Will Alice last through the night of the living dead? “Only time will tell…”, says the White Rabbit, and he doesn’t like being late!

7-  La La Land Before Time

La La Land Before Time.jpg

In this coming of age musical, Littlefoot and Cera set out on a journey to accomplish their dreams. Little do they know, Sharptooth is the only thing that is hindering their progression. Will it be a battle of the bands or will Littlefoot and Cera go solo?

8- Cheaper by the Dirty Dozen

Cheaper by the Dirty Dozen

While his wife is away doing a book tour, a father of twelve trains his brood and leads them into a mass assassination mission of ISIS terrorist leaders.

9-  Black Beauty and the Beast

Black Beauty and the Beast

When audiences and critics alike weren’t happy with the possible gay character in the Beauty and the Beast live action remake, they decided to please the audiences with a different approach.

10- Remember the Clash of the Titans

Remember the Clash of the Titans

Coach Boone takes his Titans to Mount Olympus, so that they can clash with the gods. Instead of using pigskin for a football, they use Medusa’s head. The game slowly turns into Russian Roulette. Whenever a player holds the head and accidentally look into Medusa’s eyes, they turn to stone! Will they remember to keep their eyes shut as they play this dangerous game of Gods vs. Titans?

To be continued… again…


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