Two-in-One Movies Part 2

Continuing from the Part One of Two-in-One movies

1- Night of the living Deadpool


Marvel finally made a Marvel Zombies movie,but gave it a different name and a unique plot. All of Marvel’s greatest Superheroes are infected with a super flu that turns them into zombie. Only one man can save the undead, and it is a man who can never die. Deadpool!

2- American History X-Men


Professor X becomes a skinhead and uses the Cerebro to locate all the non-mutants and destroy them all. So basically X-2, but he succeeds!

3- Air Force One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest


Jack Nicholson get’s tired of the President’s baloney and decides be crazy enough to hijack the Air Force One.

4- Star Wars Trek


Star Wars and Star Trek have finally made a crossover movie! One where Stormtroopers actually hit something. The solution was to have their enemies in red shirts….

5- Charlie’s Angels and Demons


Charlie’s Angels are undercover to debunk a conspiracy that has the world wrapped around its finger. the Illuminati! 2Pac is still alive and Keanu Reeves is the leader of the cult. I mean how else do you explain Keanu never aging a day since it’s inception?

6- A Beautiful Megamind


Being a villain can be difficult. Especially when you always lose and never get the girl. Megamind develops a strong friendship with Space Godfather and Bernard, who help him become the hero in the story. Little does he know, they are both part of his “Beautiful Megamind”.

7- Breakfast Club at Tiffany’s


Instead of being stuck in detention on a Saturday morning, the students are invited to dine with Tiffany and learn how to become more desirable in the eyes of the rich and wealthy. Their new theme song is Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Deep Blue Something  instead of Don’t You Forget About Me by Simple Minds.

8- Dirty Dancing with Wolves

Dirty Dancing with Wolves.jpg

John Dunbar is in a dry wasteland that hasn’t seen rain in years. The natives have told him about a Rainmaker Dance that can be performed to summon the rain. Dunbar doesn’t know the steps other than he has to dance with ferocious wolves. The Ghost of Patrick Swayze returns and teaches Dunbar how to dance, but it requires him to roll in the ground with the wolves and get dirty!

9- Super Size Me, Mario


Mario’s first documentary on how eating too much mushrooms can not only get you high, but it can double your size within second so that you can take on even bigger tasks!

10- My Big Fat Greek Wedding Singer

My Big Fat Greek Wedding Singer.jpg

After Robbie Hart’s bride-to-be, Linda, was a no-show; he really let himself go, and continued doing gigs for themed weddings such as Greek Weddings.

To be continued…


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